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Hey! I'm Kimberly

I'm passionate about helping furniture refinishers like you make beautifully painted pieces that sell for more money.

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I learned the hard way
(so you don't have to!)

I'm a furniture artist and educator who's painted more than 1,200 pieces since picking up my first brush in 2015. 

Back then, I was searching for a new hobby and decided to try my hand at painting furniture.

I bought an old piece of furniture on Craigslist for $20, did some research on Chalk Paint, and just got started.  I finished it up and it sold in just 2 days! I was hooked.

Furniture artist Kimberly Cook smiles at the camera while holding a drawer front in one hand and a drill in the other.
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I started slooooowly learning more and more about painting, but I realized right away that the information I really wanted to know—the do’s and don’ts, the processes, the techniques—just didn't exist online.

I promised myself that if I ever did this for anything more than a hobby, I would help people by sharing my knowledge.

Kimberly, in her signature overalls, is in her workshop, smiling at the camera and holding up her paint sprayer.

Painting was my side hustle for yeearrs. Eventually I decided to take the big leap and quit my day job. I was ready to go all in on Born in a Barn Boutique and that included honoring my initial goal of helping others. 


That was when I created my YouTube channel, started teaching lessons, and began using social media and brand partnerships to share information more widely. 

Since I started in 2015, I've painted well over 1,200 pieces and had the honor of teaching hundreds of other artists what I've learned along the way. 

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a PDF cover that reads "getting started checklist: the must have tools and products every furniture painter should own"

Get your FREE getting started checklist

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While I'm still painting every day out of by beautiful red barn (and you'll never stop me!), I've shifted my focus more toward educating and empowering others. 

Whether you want a self-paced course to dive deep into sanding technique or need a little 1:1 guidance with me, you'll find options for every need over in the Born in a Barn Boutique online shop!

I can't wait for you to join me on this amazing adventure to refinish beautiful furniture and empower others to do the same!


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